Ten Random Facts about Cats That You Should Know

random facts about cats

How much do you know about cats? Cats along with dogs and birds are one of the most popular pets among the masses. Since they are considered as one of the most popular buddies to be around with, we decided to list down ten facts below.

Random Facts About Cats

1. The average cat sleeps about 18 hours every day

This is a lot of time, however, longer sleeping hours is necessary for a cat to have the energy they need to perform their daily pouncing and hunting inside the house. So don’t be surprised if your cat takes a lot of cat naps all throughout the day.

2. Cats can pick up moods

It turns out cats are very good at picking up people’s mood. They do this by sensing the tone of voice of the people around them. This highlights the need to talk to your cat in the right way in certain situations. If you want them to calm down then use a soft and soothing voice. Cats don’t always care about what you’re saying but they can pick up whether you’re happy, sad or mad.

3. Cats like their food at room temperature random facts about cats

They don’t like their food overly hot or cold so it’s important to keep it in mind. That’s because the food should be at the same temperature as it would be in the wild. So make sure cooked food cools first and refrigerated food warms up first.

4. Cats only meow at other people

It’s an interesting fact that scientists can’t explain yet. Felines don’t meow at other cats. They also use the sound for various reasons to show emotions like happy or scared, and needs like meal times. I have listed the ten reasons why cats meow in one of my blog posts here.

5. Most cats are ambidextrous

This might be surprising because we usually don’t think of cats of being right/left-pawed. However, only about 40% of cats favor their left or right paws. The good news is you probably won’t have to buy cat products for lefties.

6. They see 1/6 the light humans need for night vision

This shows how excellent cats can see at night. However, this also means that they don’t have super vision during the day. Cats can also see colors, which might be surprising.

random facts about cats7. Isaac Newton invented the cat door

It might be surprising that such a famous inventor designed the cat door. Today it still provides an excellent way to let cats come and go as they please. It possibly allowed him to focus on his work when his pet wanted to go outdoors or indoors.


8. A group of kittens is known as a kindle

Meanwhile, a group of adult cats is known as a clowder. These facts won’t help to raise your pet cat but they’re still interesting things to know. In fact, most people don’t know the technical names for groups of different animals.

9. Cats’ “fingerprints” are their nose pads

It’s interesting that cats have unique nose pads. The pattern of ridges makes them different from all other cats.

10. Cats land on their feet

It’s quite a complex process that’s been capture by slow-motion photography. The cats turn their head, spine, and rear legs in that order. Finally they arch their back before landing on all fours.

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