How to Rescue a Feral Cat

You may have seen it lurking by the dumpster or heard it howling in the bushes at night. You may have even tried to pet it before it took off like a blue streak. No matter where that feral cat is hanging around, you know it deserves a better life than the one it is living. The problem is, feral cats have learned to fear and distrust humans so much that taming and rehabilitating them is often called an impossible

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Helping Feral Cats- Trap-Neuter-Release Programs

We heard from the news how the increasing population of feral cats is affecting some people’s livelihood. They associate that an increase in free-roaming cats number causes an imbalance in the ecosystem and most people who are affected are the ones working on a farm. Even if it is a happy feeling to see cats around, it is good to control the feral cats population. Today, we will discuss how we can help decrease feral cats numbers and take care

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