How to Rescue a Feral Cat

You may have seen it lurking by the dumpster or heard it howling in the bushes at night. You may have even tried to pet it before it took off like a blue streak. No matter where that feral cat is hanging around, you know it deserves a better life than the one it is living. The problem is, feral cats have learned to fear and distrust humans so much that taming and rehabilitating them is often called an impossible

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Cat Rescue – The Guide

When you decide that your home and lifestyle be suitable for having a cat, you then need to decide whether you would like a kitten or an older cat. Cat rescue homes are a great place to find an older cat or a kitten that you can take as your next pet. Remember that not all cats have had a bad time in the past, and they may need rehousing because their owner has passed on or perhaps relocating overseas.

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