Some Cool Reasons Why Do Cats Knead

cats knead

Kneading is a common behavior in cats, and almost all cats do this. However, different types of cats knead in different ways based on their preference and nature. By the kneading motion, we mean the moving in and out of the paws against a soft or pliable surface. Cats usually use their front paws to knead and sometimes, it feels as they are making dough for cake. Cat kneading is not a serious problem and, in fact, is a funny one. Cat owners should consider it as normal behavior, but still many wonder why cats knead or stomp on their favorite blanket, pillow, or any type of soft surface. We are going to tell you a few reasons.

Reasons Why Cat Kneads

The funny inward and outward movement of paws is called kneading because it seems as if the cat is kneading something. A cat always looks cute kneading using all its paws and doing the mysterious dance. There are different explanations of this behavior. Following are some cool reasons as to why a cat kneads:


For many cats, the kneading behavior is a way to get comfortable. Your cat must be cats kneadkneading since it was born because it wanted to nurse, and this behavior continues when it grows up. The kneading behavior is comforting to it when it grows up because it takes the cat back to the times when it was a kitten and used to nurse. This memory of its childhood stays with it, and while it kneads, it also purrs and makes herself comfortable.

A Way to Show Affection

Cats knead in different ways. Some cats use a slow rhythmic motion, while others knead fast as if they are performing in a parade. Some cats also knead when they want to show affection to their owner. If your cat kneads on your chest or in your lap, it is most likely that it is showing its love for you. However, this can be painful for the owner as a cat can dig its paws in you. The happier the cat is, the harder it will knead. Hence, if you want to save yourself from kneading, it is better to provide your cat with a scratch board so that it can vent out its needs. This will also prevent it from scratching the furniture, carpet, and other household items.


cats kneadSome cats knead when they are feeling sleepy. Kneading is a behavior that is performed before sleeping as a sign of relaxation and comfort. Normally, a cat will knead its pillow or blanket for some time and then go to sleep. This also dates back to the cat’s ancestors when they used to knead the grass or bushes to make them soft enough for sleeping. Cats also used to knead the ground to check whether the ground is ok for them to sleep.

Cats have many behavioral traits, and one of them is kneading. Reasons mentioned above indeed are not all the reasons why they do it. However, One thing is for sure that when your cats knead, it is not something you should worry about. Instead, we should consider it as just an instinctual behavior.

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