Premium Cat Food vs. Grocery Brand Cat Food

Premium Cat Food vs Grocery Brand Cat Food

Should cat owners feed premium brand cat foods or grocery brand cat foods to their cat?

Premium Brand Cat Food

Premium brand foods have many nutrients that a cat needs to keep it healthy. So, instead of buying vitamins to give to a cat, most premium brand foods have all of the vitamins and nutrients the cat will need.

A Senior PETCO Account Representative with Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc., Ron Montgomery stated that their premium food “does not contain much corn.” Montgomery said having not much corn in cat food is good because “corn can be used as a filler which will not make an animal satisfied causing them to eat more.”

Premium cat foods are known to cost more than grocery brand cat foods. However, in the long run, you are actually saving more because these foods contain more nutrients which will amount to fewer servings per day.

Fewer servings will mean savings for you.

Grocery Brand Cat Foods

Many kittens start out eating grocery brand cat foods due to convenience. These foods are cheaper and more convenient to buy because they are sold at grocery stores. They have the phrase “Total Nutrition” marked somewhere on the label that usually means there is total nutrition in the food that a cat needs.

The first and main ingredient in grocery brand cat food is usually not meat based. However, a cat needs meat-based foods for their protein sources. Unlike humans, a cat needs much protein in its diet because it is a carnivore in nature. The cat needs protein to ensure a healthy, active and balanced life. Protein will give them optimal energy to carry out their daily pouncing and running around the house.

Reasons to Use Premium Brand Cat Foodpremium cat food

There are different reasons that cat owners feed their cat with premium cat food.

  • Premium brands contain more essential nutrients that our cat will benefit from.
  • The vital nutrients available in a premium cat food are proven to help cat’s coat, teeth, and overall well being.
  • Premium cat foods have less filler than the grocery brand cat food.
  • Many Premium Brand Cat Foods contain essential nutrients, and primary ingredient is meat.

Comparing Premium to Grocery Brand Cat Foods

One way to compare a grocery brand to a premium brand is to write down the ingredients of each and see which is better. Some ingredients might not be familiar so doing some research will help.

Veterinarians also know a lot of ingredients and nutrients found in premium brand cat foods that are not found in most grocery brands. Employees of pet stores that sell premium brand foods and some grocery brand cat foods can also help compare.

premium cat foodSwitching to Premium Cat Food

Depending on the age of the cat will determine how easy switching its food will be. Most of the time, kittens will easily change to premium brand cat food because of the taste and the nutrients.

An adult cat might be a little more difficult to switch because it has gotten used to the taste of the current food. The switching process needs to occur slowly to get rid of the possibility of the cat’s refusal.

Veterinarians are sure to help through the thinking and switching process with premium cat food and grocery brand cat food.

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  • Samantha

    This is an interesting topic that you covered. It is almost always difficult for cat owners to decide which one to feed their cats. Wether or not they should go for a premium brand or the grocery brand cat foods that you can easily purchase at any store or grocery. The insights given here personally made me think to switch from grocery branded cat foods to the premium one. I know I will have a higher cost or expense for this decision at first but in the long run i know that the nutrients my cat will get will help him live healthier and longer. hopefully less trips to the vet. Less vet trips will save me more money. Keep us updated as always I am a fan of all your informative articles. 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks for letting us know how we were able to help you. Please comtact us if you have any question.


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