Things They Do Not Tell You About Kittens


I recently adopted a kitten, and it is a gorgeous little thing. However, behind the cuteness is hard work. I will look at some of the things I have learned about kittens over the past few months.

Kittens Sharp Claws

Expect many scratches during your first few months. Kittens love to play and play often involves their claws. Not only will you feel the pain during playtime but also when they are curled up on your lap sleeping, they look so peaceful, and one sudden movement or loud noise will cause them to jump out while digging their sharp claws into your legs. So beware.

Biting and Teeth

Kittens teeth are not very sharp at first, but the older they get – the sharper they become. Kittens often think your hand is a danger and as a result, they will attack it. Their ears will pin back, eyes looking fierce before pouncing on your poor hand. They will wrap their claws around it and bite as hard as they can. So expect plenty of scratches and cuts when you have a kitten at home.

Your House

Kittens want to get everywhere and anywhere in the house. They will climb up curtains to kittens are lovelyget to the window sill. Kittens will get onto sideboards where precious items like vases and photo frames sit nicely until they come along and knock them all over. They also will get on the kitchen counter top and eat anything they can find. To ensure that they cannot get into these high places, you have to move the bins and chairs away from the kitchen counter top and tables. One thing that scared me was my kitten managed to get on the counter top then onto the ironing board where a hot iron was set. If she had even slightly touched the iron, it would have done much damage to her and heartbreak for me.

Love and Affection

Cute KittensCats are not known as affectionate animals. If you need love from your pet, do not get a cat. However, kittens do love attention and cuddling up to their human sometimes. Often, when they are sleepy, they will come and sit on your lap. My kitten often wakes me up in the morning by rubbing her head on my hand, asking for attention. Kittens will show you love and affection, but one minute it is there, the next it is gone.

Food and Meals

I think my kitten is weird in the fact that she will eat anything, even pasta. I think at that age, they will experiment and will often want what you are eating. So when you are eating your dinner, kittens will tend to check out the food on your plate and seem to beg – very much like a dog. So if you want to eat in peace, I recommend leaving your kitten in another room until you have finished as it can get quite annoying.

Those are key areas in which I learned the most when I got my new kitten. However, don’t let anything here put you off because kittens are lovely, fun animals and I would recommend them as a pet.


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