Guest Post Guide

Welcome to Party Cats Cat Club.

If you are reading the content of this page, I am sure that you want to share your informative content to our readers. Without any further ado, please read below.

We welcome all guest bloggers who want to publish their content on our website.

Below are the requirements for Guest Posting.

1. Unique and detailed content should be at least 800 words long.
2. Unique, informative articles that provide value and use to the website’s readers. We do not tolerate plagiarism, and if we receive such a content, we will not post the article.
3. The article should be on topic and should be about cats. You may browse the blog posts so that there will be no duplicate content.
4. The website that we will link to should be related to the audience we have.
5. The site that we will link to should be free from spam, free from pharma, casino, and other adult related topics.
6. We will not accept articles with grammatical and spelling errors.

What are you going to get from guest posting?

1. Our website gets traffic most from social media and referrals.
2. To give you an idea, as per Pinterest, our website has an average of 4000 daily viewers.
3. Most of our traffic as per google analytics are from USA, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, and many more European countries.
4. We will publish your content to our social media sites, like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

What do we do now, If I want to guest post?

Please send us an email at with your website’s URL, and the article you want to publish. We will contact you in 3 business days whether we will publish your article or not.

We are not charging anything for the Guest post. What we ask and we only want to receive are quality, detailed, informative and worth publishing articles that readers will love and share with their family and friends.