How to Choose a Cat Litter Box

cat litter box

Most cat owners do not spend a considerable amount of time in considering how to choose a cat litter box for their cats, but they should, and for some valid reasons.

What are the steps to take in selecting the Cat Litter Box?

First and foremost, a cat owner should view the whole concept of a litter box from a cat’s perspective. Cats are meticulously neat and tidy by nature, and a litter box at it’s best is not a pleasant aspect of feline life. Secondly, your cat is stuck with the litter box that is given to them for better or worse, so you should attempt to aid your best friend by ensuring that a litter box is compatible with them. Lastly, a litter box that is too small or that cannot hold enough litter to cover your cat’s “business” will result in a few little presents that will be stuck to your cat’s feet and then deposited around your home.

In selecting an appropriate litter box for your cat, size is of the utmost importance – a box that is too small will not be a pleasant experience for your cat, and one with short sides will result in litter being sprayed when the cat digs. A proper litter box is one that can hold cat litter to a depth of 4 to 6 inches, with another 12 inches of space between the litter and the top of the sides.

The shape and material that a litter box is made of is an essential component as well, especially since the cat owner is the person that needs to clean the litter box frequently. An excellent choice in a litter box is one that will not absorb odors easily – plastic is an adequate choice, but when possible ceramic material or even steel is better.

Self-cleaning litter boxes are very nice and take much of the work out of owning a cat, but they are not designed for use by large cats in some instances. While most cat owners use a square or rectangular shaped box as a litter box, one that is round or oval shape is much better for practical purposes. A litter box with a circular design eliminates cat waste from accumulating in corners since there are none and thereby reduces odors considerably.

Finally, when considering a purchase of a litter box for a cat, buy two of them. In this manner, you can place them in different locations reducing the necessity to perform your duties as a cat owner as frequently, and some cats prefer to do “number 1” in one box and “number 2” in a separate litter box.

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