Get Your Senior Cat Checked for Kidney Disease

Kidney disease seems to be a common problem in older cats; it is best to get them checked yearly from age 7 and older, if not you could run into the unfortunate situation we went through with our cat Katie. Katie was a happy, healthy and fairly active, twelve-year-old cat. We spoiled her, along with our other cat Artemis. Back in late March, early April, she started eating less and lost some weight. She did not really seem to have

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Helping a Cat Age Gracefully

For fans of felines, the chances are that their homes are graced by the presence of at least one cat. This cat has become a lovable companion. Both owner and cat have been happily enjoying each other’s company for years. The owner simply cannot think about what it would be like without their feline friend, but the reality is that kittens become adults, who in turn change into geriatric cats. However, the aging process is not something to be encountered

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