Premium Cat Food vs. Grocery Brand Cat Food

Should cat owners feed premium brand cat foods or grocery brand cat foods to their cat? Premium Brand Cat Food Premium brand foods have many nutrients that a cat needs to keep it healthy. So, instead of buying vitamins to give to a cat, most premium brand foods have all of the vitamins and nutrients the cat will need. A Senior PETCO Account Representative with Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc., Ron Montgomery stated that their premium food

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3 Cat Food Myths You Probably Buy Into

Learning what to feed a cat introduces the fancier to a host of food options. Which cat food is best? Is canned-cat food bad? Are there cat food brands to avoid? Discover three cat food myths, half-truths and their realities that help you make informed choices. Cat Food Myths: Kibble is the Best Cat Food. (a.k.a. the “canned-cat food is evil” myth) This myth is born in the basic convenience that dry kibble represents when compared to canned-cat food. Best

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