Help a Cat with Separation Anxiety

Does Your Cat Have Separation Anxiety? Most people are not aware that cats can suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs are adept at showing their displeasure at being left alone. They may howl and tear things up when their owners are gone. Cats, however, are more subtle. A cat owner needs to pay close attention to what her kitty is telling her, or she may not understand her cat’s behavior. Cat Separation Anxiety Symptoms Does your cat do any of these

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Some Cool Reasons Why Do Cats Knead

Kneading is a common behavior in cats, and almost all cats do this. However, different types of cats knead in different ways based on their preference and nature. By the kneading motion, we mean the moving in and out of the paws against a soft or pliable surface. Cats usually use their front paws to knead and sometimes, it feels as they are making dough for cake. Cat kneading is not a serious problem and, in fact, is a funny

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