Cat Rescue – The Guide

Cat Rescue

When you decide that your home and lifestyle be suitable for having a cat, you then need to decide whether you would like a kitten or an older cat. Cat rescue homes are a great place to find an older cat or a kitten that you can take as your next pet.

Remember that not all cats have had a bad time in the past, and they may need rehousing because their owner has passed on or perhaps relocating overseas. However, it is a sad fact there’s a lot of neglect and bad treatment to cats. Don’t be surprised if your new adopted cat has some fears with everyday things such as loud sounds or children running around.

Steps to adopting a cat from a cat rescue home

Spend a few minutes on the internet, and you will quickly learn there are thousands of cats looking for a new home. Many of the websites will be cat rescue charities looking to rehouse their latest guests. To give you an idea of how many cats are available, Cats Protection (the largest charity of its kind in the UK) rehouses over 55,000 cats per year, and that is just one charity.

Choosing a cat

When you have found a cat rescue home you like the look of, give them a call and see what they have available. They will normally ask you to go to the center and see if you like the look of any of their guests. Be warned, this is quite upsetting at times because your heart tells you to have as many as possible so be practical.

Ask questions about the cat

After you have found the perfect cat, ask the charity if they know the background of the cat, any injuries or health problems or things you should be aware of. Some cats may have special needs following an illness or injury, and you need to consider this with your regular daily routine.

The home visit from the cat rescue charity

The foundation will typically arrange a home visit to see if your home is suitable. This is Cat Rescuenothing to worry about, but it is only natural to feel nervous. The rehousing team are nearly always amiable and are only too happy to find a new suitable home for the cats.

The arrival of your new cat

Sometimes your new cat might be delivered by the charity, but in other cases, you need to go along with a basket and blanket to collect your new family member.

When you get back home, it is best to keep the cat in one room for a day or so together with its bed and litter tray. It takes time for a cat to feel at home and remember where its litter tray is. Once it settles into a routine in the one room, let him into another a step at a time until he knows the property. It is a good idea to have any children around being relatively quiet to start with just to let the cat explore on his own and get to know his new home. Usually, after a few days, a cat will feel quite at home and will settle into his routine well.

When a cat has come from a difficult background, you will need to take into account any problems from its past and plan accordingly. The majority of cats even with a bad history will settle in eventually with some love and tenderness towards them.


The costs to the rehousing charities keep on rising, and food costs continue going up. Some charities have a fixed price for your new member of the family, but some will ask for a donation. It is then up to you how much you wish to donate, but please give what you can afford so that this money goes on to help other cats at the cat rescue home.

Adopting a rescued cat makes you feel that you have done something good and helped at least one cat can find a loving home. Most cats go on to live a long and happy life in their new homes and are grateful in their way for a new life.

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