Caring For Young Kittens The Correct Way

Post Views: 360 For cat lovers, few experiences can be more rewarding than saving a young kitten’s life. Due to irresponsible pet ownership, many cats – particularly those allowed outdoors – can get unwanted litters. ¬†Unfortunately, the resulting young kittens often get discarded like objects. This means that those who rescue kittens have a tough job ahead of them to ensure that those tiny lovely creatures under their care have everything that they need to grow into healthy, beautiful young

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10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Post Views: 979 How do we know that our cat loves us? Some of my followers on my Facebook page have asked this question several times. In Today’s blogpost, we will discuss the different signs that will validate that our feline friends are inlove with their human. Cat Love Signs 1. Let me Head butt you Human. Unlike humans, headbutting for cats is a way for them to show they love you and care for you. They do this to

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