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Welcome to Party Cats Cat Club.


The purpose of creating this site is for us to deliver valuable information to people who are

  1.  Interested of adopting cats
  2.  Living with cats now, but want to be better in managing their pets.
  3.  Looking for different cat food reviews, toy reviews and many more.

Who am I?

I am a blogger from the Philippines who lives with cats for several years. This time has made me more knowledgeable about how they behave and how are they in general. I am no expert scientifically as I am not a veterinarian of some sort. However, living with them for several years has taught me  valuable information that I can share to my readers.


My Personal Life:

I was born in the year 1987 on a beautiful Island in the Visayas called Samar Island.
I was raised in Catbalogan until I finished my middle school and eventually moved to Metro Manila. I enrolled in a school and years after, graduated with the nursing degree. Months after graduation, I took my board exam and luckily, passed it with flying colors.

When did I start to like cats?

I am not into cats in the beginning, not until I am 21 years old. Some of you may ask, why is it late for me to realize that I like cats so much, that I even put up a blog to talk about them. Well, I was not physically ready to be exposed to any animals. When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with asthma. Animal odor, Animal fur, change of weather, extreme emotions are my trigger to have an attack. I cannot risk that time to be sick, and of course, I will not disobey my parents who cared for me so much that they have banned animals like dogs and cats inside our home.

I can remember that I only got to have a chance to lay my eyes on animals from afar. I cannot touch them even if it is just for pure curiosity as I might end up hooked to a nebulizer machine in a nearby hospital.

Well, you may ask, what made me decide to break it and get a cat?

I met my partner in life back in 2009, who happens to be a cat lover. I was invited to their home and was introduced to the family members including their only cat named Gary.

Garry was an interesting one, As far as I know, and based on my experience of meeting different people, I have never identified a female or a woman who has Garry as her name. 100 percent of the people that I know of who has a name Garry is a man. Out of curiosity, I questioned my partner and I was informed that they thought Garry was a male cat when she was a kitten. They did not bother changing it because Garry is a pretty name and the same time unique. I could not agree more. It was indeed a unique name for a female cat.

Since that meeting, I have developed my strong desire of getting a cat for myself. I figured that they are sweet and loveable creatures.

Fast forward to today, I have a total of 6 cats. They are named Dion, Artemis, Athena, Aurora, Orangey, and our very own Bunsoy. By the way, I also have a dog named GOGO.


You may reach out to me about anything or comment on any of our posts. We will answer them to the best of our ability.

Happy Reading. You can also tell your friends that we exist. Please share our blog.

Welcome to Party Cats Cat Club.


The purpose of creating this site is for us to deliver valuable information to people who are