3 Cat Food Myths You Probably Buy Into

cat food myth

Learning what to feed a cat introduces the fancier to a host of food options. Which cat food is best? Is canned-cat food bad? Are there cat food brands to avoid?

Discover three cat food myths, half-truths and their realities that help you make informed choices.

Cat Food Myths: Kibble is the Best Cat Food. (a.k.a. the “canned-cat food is evil” myth)

This myth is born in the basic convenience that dry kibble represents when compared to canned-cat food. Best Cat Food Reviews argues that kibble-based cat food brands are comparable to humans only living off macaroni and cheese as well as hot dogs. Although doable, this kind of diet is hardly healthy for our cats. According to these experts, a “grain free organic wet food” is the best cat food in town.

Cat Food Myths: Brands are Pretty Much Alike. (a.k.a. the “all cat food is made from the same ingredients” myth)

Just like there is a world of difference between the store-brand spaghetti sauce and its cat food mythscostlier organic counterpart (just look at the sodium content!), there is also a big difference in cat food brands. Generally speaking, cat food fits into one of three categories: grocery store brands, premium brands, and wellness brands.

Grocery store brand cat food is heavy on fillers while premium brands offer better quality ingredients but still use by-products for their meat sources. Wellness brands rely on meal-grade meat (as opposed to by-products) for their main source of protein and are almost devoid of grains.

Cat Food Myths: I Need to Know What to Feed a Cat that is Vegetarian. (a.k.a. the “being politically correct works for me” myth)

In spite of the filler grains listed as primary ingredients in grocery store canned-cat food or dry kibble cat food brands, a feline is a carnivore. It requires meat protein for optimum health. Washington State University explains that even a cursory review of the feline dental structure reveals that it is unequivocally carnivorous.

cat food mythsIts teeth are set up for killing prey, holding it in place and tearing flesh. Its absence of flat molars shows that the cat is not designed to grind plant-based food. Even as many a vegetarian envisions a karmic-neutral household, the best cat food you can give your animal features meal-grade meat as its primary ingredient.

In summary, it is fair to say that (in the absence of a well-thought-out and defined raw food diet) canned-cat food is superior to dry kibble. The best cat food is likely also the most expensive and may not be conveniently available at the local grocery store; specialty pet food stores or online retailers usually carry these brands.

Who knew that there was so much ado about cat food?


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