10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

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How do we know that our cat loves us? Some of my followers on my Facebook page have asked this question several times. In Today’s blogpost, we will discuss the different signs that will validate that our feline friends are inlove with their human.

Cat Love Signs

1. Let me Head butt you Human.

Unlike humans, headbutting for cats is a way for them to show they love you and care for you. They do this to impart their smell  and claim you as their own and a part of the cat family.

2. Your cat brings you the dead bird, insect, and other stuff as a gift.

The idea here is that since cats are hunters by their natural instinct, they want to show off and grab your attention by bringing you with things or animals that they think you might like. Just to name a few, these things can be dead birds or insects. It is just right to pretend that you like it though.

3. Cat bites you softly.

Cat loves to exhibit their affection and playful attitude by biting you softly. We call this “love bites.” Love bites happen when the cat’s sharp teeth are sinking into your skin not too deep to cause you pain. However, please remember not to resist or retract your hands or whichever body part they have their teeth into because it can get you some wounds.

Though this is one way for them to show their love to you, I strongly recommend not to engage with this as this will often lead to you getting hurt. To give in to their excitement, you need to bring their toys out so they can divert their enthusiastic attitude to the toys instead of love biting you.

4. Cats will show you their tummy.

Cats will not usually show you their bellies if they do not trust you. Humans show their love by caressing their partner and this is the same for cats. Next time, when you see your cats walking and suddenly dropped themselves on their back, it only means that they want you to rub their fat bellies. You need to ensure you give their bellies a good rub. Be careful though, because cats get carried away sometimes, and can start giving you love bites.

5. Let me knead or massage my human.

Cats often like to massage you while you are chilling on the sofa or bed. This action is one way for them to show that they care and that they want you to relax and take your stress away. They show you this type of love because this is how they had shown love to their mother when they were kittens. Remember seeing them drink milk and knead?

cat loves you

Cat Looking at her Human.

6. Cats following you all over the place.

Cats tend to just stay in one location and chill. They do not like to move around. However, when they want to show that they love you, they will start following you around the house with their calm to loud meows. They want to be close to you wherever you go. Sometimes they follow you to strange places such as shower room, restroom and almost to all places. (I misinterpret this sometimes that they are just asking for food, but they do not really).

7. Tail twitching

Like how facial expression shows to reflect the mood of a person, cats tails are the indicators if they are happy, angry, and other emotions they have.
If your cats hold their tail up and flip it around while they are with you, it means they love you.

8. Eye Contact with Humans

Have you caught your cats looking at you? Did you notice that when they look at you, they blink a lot and look at you again? Eye contact and blinking is one way for your cats to show their affection. Do not forget to blink back.

9. Love purring

There are more scientific explanations about why cats purr and how they do it. However, I would like to discuss this differently this time. When you hear them purr out loud, that means they are shouting their love for you. You should not ignore, and it is a must to reciprocate the love. You can meow as a response if you like.

10. Cats rubbing their body against your legs

There are different reasons why your cats will rub their bodies against your legs. 1. They are claiming you as their own and part of the cat family. 2. They just want to cuddle. 3. They want some food.

What are the other ways that your cats show love to you aside from the things listed above?

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