Top 10 Reasons Why Cats Meow

cats meowing

Various studies have been conducted on cats to understand what their meowing may signify. It has been found out that cats can make over thirty different sounds, a lot of which fall under the category of different types of meows. You are not alone if, as a cat owner, you wonder what your cat may be trying to say or what cats meowing means. Cats meowing is certainly not meaningless and here are some of the reasons as to what your pet may be saying:

1. The Cat Is Hurt

At times, excessive meowing by a cat may mean that it is in some sort of pain. The cause of this pain does not necessarily have to be external, so do not take the risk, and immediately pay the veterinarian a visit. Cats meowing may signify a medically unusual problem within the cat’s body. There are various diseases that a cat may be prone to that makes them meow a lot. Therefore, to be on the safe side, do not ignore and misunderstand cats meowing as sometimes the reason is far worse and that they are in some sort of pain.

2. Hunger

Don’t all creatures complain in some way if they are hungry? Well, cats are also one such species. Cat meowing may signify that the cat is hungry and wants to have food. This form of communication is obviously better understood by parent cats. Various cat owners may have experienced their cats running after them constantly meowing when they are hungry. Hence, if your cat meows repeatedly, it may be looking for an early dinner or any sort of treat.

3. Attention May Be Needed

Just like us humans, cats tend to become lonely when they lack company. They may want cats meowing their owners to show some attention and love, and this is usually communicated through meowing. If your cat meows at you repeatedly, it may simply be looking for attention and love. At such times, you can pet the cat or simply play with it for a while until it becomes satisfied. Don’t we all need someone to just talk to or play with when we are feeling lonely or low?

4. Just Saying Hello

This is what a kindergarten student would believe if they talked about cat meowing. The simplest and most reasonable explanation to the meowing of cats may be that they are trying to greet you in some way. Well, that may be true.

Cats do understand encounters and may try to meow at you when they run across you or when you enter your home after being out. Cat owners usually experience cat meowing after they meet it after being away for a while. This shows that cat meowing can be very simple as well as very complicated. The reason a cat meows may be just to simply say hi to its owner or someone else who is in its way.

5. Loneliness Is Bad

At times, if a cat is let alone for long periods of time, it tends to miss the company of its owner or other people. This results in it becoming anxious, lonely, and upset. These feelings are usually expressed in the form of meowing. Therefore, if your cat has been experiencing some form of loneliness, it might meow from time to time or more often than usual. It is only normal to complain if you have been left alone.

6. Access Is Required

Given that cats do not have the ability to use doors or gates, which are obviously designed for humans, they may become agitated when they do not have access from one place to another. However, instead of displaying anger, cats simply communicate to humans that they need to open the door for them. Communication is done through meowing and at such times, the cat is simply trying to tell you that it needs access somewhere which it cannot get to itself. It is simply a call for assistance.

7. Temperature Issues

If a cat is feeling too hot or too cold in certain climates or environments, it may repeatedly meow in order to express its feelings. At times, certain temperatures do not suit certain cats, and this can be observed and understood if a cat unusually meows when it is put into a temperature it does not feel comfortable in.

8. Stress & Worry

cats meowing Stress and worries lead to the cat expressing itself more violently. Various studies have found out that cats do not like unnecessary stress, and they complain by meowing repeatedly. For example, if they are taken out of an environment they are used to, taken to the vet, or put into a car which is being driven fast, it generates stress for the cat and results in it meowing repeatedly.

9. Frustration or Sadness

Cats are also upset or frustrated if they are being attacked or are bothered. Such feelings result in them meowing constantly and expressing themselves more openly than usual.

10. Age May Be the Answer

Finally, just like any other organism, cats grow older with time. The way their body works is that as they grow older, they tend to become more vocal and meow more often compared to when they were younger. Hence, if your cat continues to meow unusually, it may be the case that it is simply aging and growing older.

It may be surprising that cats meowing may mean so many different things. However, as a cat owner it is important for one to understand what their cat is trying to say. This may mean something as simple as a greeting or something as dangerous as your beloved pet being in agony. With that, you may now be able to enhance your communication with your cat and understand it better! Cat meowing is now a language you may begin to understand.